Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yippee! First galley proofs are done!

Some news for friends who have stoically followed my progress in writing my worship book over the last five years! I have just jumped over another hurdle! In the publishing process the editor sends galleys with details of all the clarifications, further research, extra writing etc. that are still needed. Normally a couple of weeks or so are given for the author to answer and return amended galleys. Of course, it helps if you have your books and papers around you. So I was greatly relieved that these 250 pages of galley proofs came a couple of weeks ago to my US address!

I buried myself in my basement study painstakingly dealing with the queries one-by-one. It took several days. Mercifully there was nothing dramatic to change. And yes, I was able to send it all back to my editor, before taking off for the last two months of my sabbatical in the UK. I now have to wait for the second galley proofs with print-ready pages requiring final review….due sometime at the end of the year.

Actually, I have mixed feelings. Obviously, part of me is mightily relieved to have reached this far with a book project that turned out to be more complicated than I thought. But, another part of me is frustrated because I know it could be better. Yet I know I must let go and let God and offer my “good is good enough” to his mercy!

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dss said...

What a joy ~ I'm happy for you and for Carol! Now relax a bit and enjoy the sabbatical!