Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sunday first

Last Sunday I was interviewed live over the 'phone during a morning service in N. England. Stuart, had contacted me out of the blue....I had not heard from him since he left Spurgeon's College in the mid-90's. He told me that he had been reflecting on some past experiences of Scripture coming alive and that he particularly remembered when I preached in college chapel. "Each time I listened to your reflections and sermons in the Bible you seemed to have found something that had truly inspired you...something you were almost compelled to communicate...and I couldn't leave until I heard what you had found!"

Stuart asked whether I would act as a "surprise" guest....that, as he was preaching about the Bible coming alive, he could talk about his past experience and then startle the congregation by calling me up by 'phone? It so happened that this was my last full day in England as I prepared to fly I positioned myself by the 'phone to take part in this congregational surprise.
I was thrilled that it triggered a good response. Stuart emailed me later passing onto me some of the positive comments that people made and the stimulus it had given to fresh Bible reading.

What an imaginative way to interact, and how encouraging that Stuart had such memories. Things like this keep me humble and thankful. Also, I wondered who I would like to interview and thereby surprise my congregation in some future sermon?

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Anonymous said...

I think the freshness with which you view scripture enlivens the congregation who is listening. If you are excited by something new you have seen in Scripture, others are encouraged to look deeper also to see what the Holy Spirit will show them as well. So, it isn't so surprising that the Holy Spirit is refreshing your friend's recollection of your sermons all these years later. He wants people to remember that he is speaking today, new revelation in his Word, every day, to each of us.