Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto (2) - Friendship

I have been privileged to visit Toronto many times (beginning in 1980). Carol and I were involved in summer interim ministry several times at Yorkminster Park Church - a cathedral Baptist church (and there are not many of those!)

After the morning service at Timothy Eaton Memorial on Sunday morning (see last post), we wondered if we walked round a few blocks to Yorkminster Park we could catch any friends after their service. The last time we were there (six years ago?) we regularly met with a group after morning services at a family restaurant opposite the church. Were we too late and would they still be together? As we rounded the block, wondering who we might see, we espied one of them in the distance. Excitedly we called out his name. He spun round and greeted us by name and then...with increasing joy...we saw his wife and the whole gang. Immediately we were at home. Hugs and smiles, and breathless conversation ensued as we gathered round a long restaurant table.

I never cease to marvel at the quality of friendship among God's people so easily re-activated. Heaven is going to be like this.

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