Saturday, October 2, 2010


Outside the Baptist Church in the centre of Oxford there has been a public art project. Called Imagine, the artist Diane Bell has constructed a big book about 8 foot high and nearly 4 foot wide. It's made of wood with the covers open so that you can step inside to find a huge sheet of paper on which passers-by are asked to write. The artist invites them to respond in their own words to the question: "How do you imagine the world in the future?"

I talked with the artist who explained that so far 10 big sheets had been filled up with every sort of comment, from every age range about every kind of issue. She said that Oxford University Press was going to publish the results of her project. While I was talking several people came up. Some went in to write comments. One lady said, "Oh, I couldn't write anything now, I need more time."

I bent down and found a small patch. Around were crowded so many comments.
Peace not war
Imagine animals could talk
A big spoon to eat everything...Samantha aged 7.
Reading to my grandchildren
I do not want to have a haircut for a long time.

Someone had wrtten: There's no heaven. I wondered why.

I can't recall exactly what I wrote, but in between these remarks I scrawled.
Imagine a world in which God has brought everything together in his peace,through his kingdom in Christ where everything is united in love, wonder and worship.

This is the dream of people who have heard, and know its true that God reigns. What would you have written?

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Donny Shawn said...

I'd have written "ditto" right under your comment.