Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Abraham Concluded, with Thanks (9)

Sunday saw the last of my Abraham series, with a quiverful of realities from God's Covenant in Genesis 17:
I value you (verse 1)
I command you (verses 1,9)
I promise you (verses 2-8)
I brand you (verses 10,11)
and overarching all of these, from Mark 14: 24, I love you.
Several commented especially on 'I brand you', with the connection between Old Testament circumcision and New Testament baptism (Col. 2:11,12). Truly Christ does call for a branded distinctive people living in the challenges of the twenty-first century!

How I shall miss the ready responses of this great congregation as my journey, over two and a half years of preaching at Calvary Memorial (alongside others) is now over. And for the best of reasons as the new senior pastor, Dr. Todd Wilson, begins his preaching ministry. Certainly, since I began my blog last year the most consistent respondents have come from this church.....and I hope they keep on reading. Thank you for the difference you have made to my preaching.

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Unknown said...

thanks to you for all your wonderful teachings and love felt...We almost hate that we will have a Senior Pastor for we will greatly miss you and your wife. May God RICHLY RICHLY BLESS YOU both.

Jim and Amelia Rak