Monday, September 1, 2008

Preaching Abraham (3)

It was great being back preaching at Calvary Memorial yesterday. With a new Senior Pastor - Dr. Todd Wilson - there is rejoicing all the way! (He starts preaching on October 4th).

So, I launched into Abraham's story in Genesis 11 & 12, emphasizing how God speaks, disturbs and promises. The fact that Abram is the first to respond seriously to God marks him at the very beginning of Jesus' genealogy and our story. Major steps forward for humankind!

Next Sunday, however, the mood changes. Extraordinarily, Genesis 12:10-20 spells out all too human failure. Abram pretends Sarai is not his wife to save his own skin and is caught out in deception. Weird! After such steps forward of faith of Gen 12:1-9, here are pathetic steps backward. How does this help our own understanding of God and our journey of faith? Why is this story in Scripture anyway? As always I shall value insights and your prayers as I prepare.

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