Friday, September 19, 2008

Preaching Abraham (7)

I have been really stretched by the "God possibilities" in Gen 14:17- 15:6, and (regretfully) I am late posting this. As I've said before in this series, it's not so much Abraham's story, as the story of Abraham's God that really matters.

The main impact of the sermon will be:
By God's grace
my sermon will say: God surprises us in worship, though the world tests our worship, yet we must keep trusting.
And my sermon will do: God can surprise us in worship, and call us to faith TODAY.

Please pray and prepare along with me!

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Anonymous said...

Humanly, I tend to relate to the individual in the storyline, in this case Abram. But God wants me to focus on Him for this is His story truly. The awe we find when we do turn our gaze on God Almighty can be overwhelming, enveloping and faith building. As you say, God does surprise me with regularly with his goodness, lovingkindness, patience and mercy in spite of the fact that he is a holy, righteous judge. I'm thankful he is a surprising and an awesome God.