Monday, September 22, 2008

Preaching Abraham (8)

The last text for this brief series is Genesis 17:1-22 -though actually it should begin Gen 16:16 - do you see why? Yesterday's sermon focused on Worship -be open to God's surprises; Ethics - beware loving this world (with some words on Wall Street!); Faith - keep trusting. These big three belong together as foundational for believers.

Turning to Gen 17 there is another vital word. I call it God's amazing 8 letter word. It's already emerged with Noah (Gen 6:18; 9:8-11), but now it's reinforced with Abraham, and resounds on through the story (Exodus 24:5-8, Jeremiah 31:33) and especially with Jesus (Mark 14:24). Yes, the word is COVENANT.

Maybe this word sounds rather dry to you, but it's action-packed about the way that God intends that we belong together.
The main impact of the sermon will be:
By God's grace my sermon will say: God amazingly covenants with believers, effecting our relationships, future, distinctives and our togetherness
And my sermon will do: God's covenant in Christ makes us different people today.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I would share what I wrote to a friend in the UK concerning my thoughts about this sermon series. God, through this series, is speaking to me. I wrote, "I've been really impacted, all good, by this study on Abram and his vulnerability and transparency with God in combination with his faith. He is so very good to emulate. It's amazing that God loves us, that he came for us. It speaks volumes about Him. He shouldn't have come if you look at us. Thankfully, He is who he is with a character that is so above and beyond our comprehension that it is nearly impossible to wrap our small brains around his goodness, his mercy and his righteousness. It truly makes me want to fall on my face before Him. What can we say in awe of Him, just wonder...only wonder and marvel at who He is really. I don't think I can express the depth of all I'm thinking and feeling, but I see the utter depravity of myself or us all and the marvelous grace that God is offering to us. What else can we do but respond in worship of who He is?"