Thursday, April 30, 2020


I have shared in the past that I am (painfully) downsizing my books. This has brought surprises along the way.  Things I had clean forgotten about.  For example a book 'Thoughts for Today' with a note at the front telling me to turn to page 81.  Apparently, I had preached in Spurgeon's College Chapel about prayer joining in with Jesus who is already praying for and with us.  Bob Archer, one of the tutors, had gone back home and written this poem.   He called it Self-Starter.

      I used to think that I must start my prayers,
         Turn my thoughts undistractedly to God;
      Give thanks, confess and tell him all my cares
         Get myself into the proper pious mood.

     I talked too much and found the going hard,
        Ran through petitions like a shopping list;
     Felt sometimes that the door to God was barred,
        Though I aimed at heaven's target, that I missed.

     Then I heard it said that Jesus intercedes,
        And that is what he lives and loves to do;
     My prayers join his, who ever for me pleads,
        Not self-starter but prayer-partner below....

    Not quick to speak, but listening for a voice,
       Preparing for a meeting with the Lord:
    'Tis his desire to meet, if not my choice;
       I pray, though I may utter not a word.

    Sometimes I feel the Spirit moving in my heart,
       And sometimes that I'm very much alone;
    But I know Christ and I will never part:
       He bears my name before his Father's throne.

Seeing this again has come at a good time!  To be reminded we are never on our own when we lock down.

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